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What Do You Know About Data?
65 min Age 13-16


What is data and how does data impact our everyday life? Who is our data valuable to? Technology helps us in lots of ways and promises to improve human life through new developments and technology solutions. This lesson is focused on teaching students how to recognize data production, collection and analysis based on simple processes. Students will share how much they know about data, explore how it impacts their lives, and identify the ways in which our data environments have created and perpetuated marginalizations and inequalities. At the end of the lesson, students will reflect on how knowing this information helps us navigate the data world.


This lesson was developed as part of the POWER project (Portraits Of Women’s Empowered Representations), which was funded by the US Embassy Cyprus.

Learning Objectives
  • Thinking critically and evaluate the ways in which data influences and impacts their lives
  • Describing and discussing what data is and how and where it is produced and collected
  • Understanding how and for whom their data is valuable to
  • Reflecting on students' own data practices
  • Recognizing the inequalities embedded within data collection processes

Lesson Plan
Explaining :
What is technology?
Exploring :
What is data?
Debating :
What is not data?
Discussing :
Reflecting on data