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Telling A Real Story
75 min Age 13-16 16+


How do journalists get all their information to write news and feature stories? This lesson explores the role of journalists and invites students to consider the challenges that may come with the profession. More focus is placed on feature stories, and person-to-person interviews, and the aim is to enable students to plan their own individual interviews, develop their own question set and conduct an interview with another person. 

The lesson plan What Story To Tell, is a natural follow-up lesson, that invites students to consider how the information collected from an interview can inform either a feature story, or a short documentary focused on the person interviewed. 

This lesson was developed as part of Your Story project, which was funded by the US Department of State, Alumni TIES and World Learning. 

Learning Objectives
  • To understand the role of journalists
  • To understand journalists’ code of conduct, ethical concerns and challenges 
  • To understand journalistic interviewing practices
  • To apply interviewing practice in two-person groups
  • To reflect on the information collected from the interview

Lesson Plan
Evaluating :
Why do we need journalists?
Responding :
What makes being a journalist hard?
Analyzing :
How do you interview someone?
Applying :
Your Turn: Ask like a journalist