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Let's Get Real
115 min Age 13-16 16+


This lesson will explore documentary conventions and representations of realism in moving image products. This will allow students to learn the necessary visual language needed to tell a story within this form, but will also enable them to understand the selection process involved in telling a story, even if it is based on real events or people. 

This lesson was developed as part of Your Story project, which was funded by the US Department of State, Alumni TIES and World Learning. 

Learning Objectives
  • Evaluating how we deconstruct meaning in visual images
  • Understanding codes and conventions of documentaries 
  • Using knowledge to develop own documentary pitches 
  • Discussing the selection of process of documentary storytelling

Lesson Plan
Characterizing :
What's imagination and what's "real"?
Evaluating :
How do we "read" moving images?
Analyzing :
What are documentary conventions?
Applying :
Planning and pitching a documentary video